Monday, 14 January 2013

The one where I get to spend a WHOLE DAY at my studio, on my own with NO PHONE!!! Bliss x

Oh man, I have spent very nearly the best ever Monday in my studio.    Alone with my press, Radio 4 and spotify for company...utter bliss.

Mega day printing too.  I have a couple of wonderful galleries that I sell my work in regularly, one in Scotland, The Green Gallery and the other in Essex, The Alexander Morgan Gallery, and I like to keep them supplied with new prints from time to time.  The Green Gallery in particular has a show coming up in March and am chuffed to nuts that my drypoint prints are to be included in the exhibition.

The demand seems to be for animals, so that is what I went into the studio to work on.  Early days in the production but I did get on very well with drawing out some crows and cats too.

Back to it tomorrow, to produce some flower works too, freesias of course is the plan for tomorrow.  My studio should smell divine tomorrow.

Much love

Sam x

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