Friday, 4 January 2013

Feasting finished (boo) back on with the red lippy and off I go into 2013. Ready, steady...G

The feasting has finished and now we are in January...pants, boo, hiss, rubbish, diet?  ugh.

Yay, however that we had a superb festive season, we laughed, ate, drank, danced and travelled.  Lovely.  Now however, it's back on with the red lipstick and back to business.

Lots coming up....

My new after-school art classes begin again on Wednesday - I am really really looking forward to them, I love love love working with the babes.  This term I am thinking all sorts of exciting things to do with the children, ink drawings, life-sized cut out and keeps, collage, clay, oh yes... the ideas are flowing.

As for me and my own artwork, I do have in mind to have a solo show sometime this year.  Am thinking later in the year, say October'ish.  Am not quite sure where that place is yet, I need somewhere gorgeous, a little bit chi chi, not massive, easy to get to, erm, oh yes, and not too big!  Perfect.  Will let you know when I find it!  I still find it hard to find suitable venues now am out of London, I miss the big smoke sometimes.

Festivals are another big thing this year.  Am going to be running some workshops at a couple this year - what a scream and I must not forget my wellies of course.  The good thing about festivals is that la famille can come too and get involved, I do love my job.

Righto, that's the lot for this eve.  Sleeping is called for as me and the dh are off to Longleat tomorrow, just us with 5 children?!  Picnic packed and by the door...bus/7-seater is leaving the drive at 8.30am...Lordy!

Much love


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