Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Oh blow it, I can't actually leave...its too hard. Let's have a relaunch with the story of our 'Muffin-top bed' I have been saving it for you...

I know I said that this blog was closing down but I can't actually do it.   I have way too much to say, too many thoughts to express and MUCH more fodder to share!

Also, by looking at my (rather wonderful) stats for this blog, I have concluded that I would have to be nuts to close it back!

Actually what re-started it for me was my urge to tell you, about our 'Muffin-top Bed'...  it could only happen to an extreme creative...

I got in a mood with our bed.  It was a lovely bed, big warm and snuggly but to my mind, it was old, might well be full of scary creepy bug-things that apparently no-one can be rid chop chop chop and off to the dump...not even recyclable...vamoose...gone.

Off we went, under a bit of a panic as we had no bed to sleep on to the MIL recommended establishment to purchase new beds.  Gorgeous, preciously sprung ones for the babes, shite one for us - cheap as cheap can be, because of course, within a year we will be on multi-money and purchasing uber luxurious custom-made chais for us grown-ups...of course that's going to happen I expressly informed the husband.

Three years later our shite bed is still proper shite and we are not quite as minted as I had planned for.    I hated this bed even more than the other and with even more gusto.  Wood?  Sticky-uppy feet bit?   WTF?  It was cheap, it was cheap.

Bed became firewood, the mattress has survived thus far.  Mattress on the floor...this is fine, we both went to art school, no really...its....fine....grrr.  (still skint so no new bed yet)

We motored along remarkably well, apart from when we needed to get up at all.  The babes loved instant for that then.

And then it happened, I found a divan bed in the second hand furniture store - OFF with the mattress my good man and burn it, bugs and all...I will have the base, deliver it here and once again...we will have a decent nights rest...bliss.

Ha ha... up the stairs with the base bits, gosh that was a laugh (not) and onto the bed...we luxuriated  on it, until we fell off either side far too promptly... dimensions have never really been my strong point.  Darling husband, head in hands, arse on the bed, exclaimed words of love really...that is why did I expect anything else?

So as the nights draw in now...we are a little bit closer together for fear of falling off...  it's working wonders for our marriage.

Much love


Madeleine said...

Ha, I blogged about sleeping and beds today too! And I did drawings!

Our policy was to get a good bed for us and crap mattresses for the small people as 1. they are not as heavy as us so don't need the back support etc. and don't put as much stress on the mattress.
2.they are much more likely to wee/vomit on their matresses, protector or no protector.
When I say good, of course, I just mean not the absolute cheapest that IKEA had to offer.

Samantha Barnes said...

Love it! You did completely and utterly the so completely the right way round! Going to visit your blog about beds now! Can't wait!

Recipe Junkie said...

Love it, Sam. Have given Artypops the awards :-)