Friday, 21 December 2012

30 minutes to Christmas…eeek! Making ‘anti-mummy chocolate cake’ and other cunning plans to keep the babes busy!

It’s 30 minutes until Christmas, oh Gosh.  More specifically, its 30 minutes until I collect the babes from their last (half day) of term.   Just enough time for me to write  a blog post in farewell to this school term, (ending now in 26 minutes).  

When my children were tinies, someone said to me that they (that is kiddiwinkles) just get better with age.  What does ‘get better’ mean?  I meant to ask them.  If they mean, they become more fun, interactable, easier and much much lovelier as they grow, then for sure that’s pretty much on the nail of it.  However, they also have meant that as they get better, you become more hagged, knackered and increasingly withered, am finding that this is also correct – com ce com ca?  is this the natural balance in life at work?! 

September of this year saw my littlest baby starting school.  MUCH to my surprise for the first 4 weeks I was bereft and felt proper redundant.  Thankfully, she has loved it and is blossoming already under her lovely teacher.

No 1 is also happy as at school, especially lunchtimes when he gets his hot school meal – sometimes I think he’s only in it for the school lunches – complain that he is more excited about school meals than my home-cooked ones?  Never for I fully recognise when am onto a good thing.  Hook?  Off. 

10 mins to kick off (collection from school).  Off up the hill I go now to get them.  On my return we’re scheduled to make the most uber ever chocolatey chocolate cake with white icing sugar dusting as it’s Christmas.  Have planned this specifically, to be safe from mummy-nibbling/hoffing as I proper hate chocolate cake (odd I know) it’s all in the planning see… crafty! 

Farewell lovely peace and quiet in the house, it’s been surprisingly wonderful. 

Much love  

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